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Thanking you for stopping by today to read my blog post, “LOYAL GANG”. LOL.

If today is your first time of checking out this blog “WELCOME”. We didn’t go to church today so let’s do it the church way – Happy Sunday to you all. LOL

I want to share something with you.

On this cold night, all alone on my bed, I decided to listen to a sermon. ‘Understanding God’s Love’ was the theme of the sermon.

The preacher talked about how God loves us and how great His love is towards us. 1John 4:20 was the anchor scripture.

1John 4:20b Whoever does not love their brother and sister whom they have seen cannot love God whom they have not seen.

The preacher went on talking about what love is,how it is not selfish, proud e.t.c. He talked about if you are always asking God to bless and you are not being a blessing to others you don’t have love in you.When I mean being a blessing doesn’t mean giving material things.

This struck me and I just flashed back to when… (like in the movies) lol.

The time I was just starting to build a relationship with God(and I’m still building it) and someone walked up to me in my fellowship and asked what department in the church would I love to join. I told the person I was not interested in serving in any department.. I just wanted to know God for myself, I just wanted it to be God and I.

The person told me NO! You can’t say that, you have to work in a department or serve in God’s vineyard and let others know God through you.

As the stubborn girl that I am(lol) I said NO! and this was me that was always praying “God reveal yourself to me”, “God I want to know you more” “God help to love you more”.

Yes, God was revealing Himself but I was not revealing Him to others.I was being selfish,so when the preacher said “If you are always asking God to bless you and you yourself not being a blessing to don’t have love.” I was shocked my eyes opened wide.

I asked myself so many questions…God wanted others to know Him more through me but I was being selfish.

So if God The Father who loved His ONLY Son and still decided to bless me by extending His loving nature to me through His Son and He still blessed me by making me a joint heir with His Son how much more me not being a blessing to others (I just wanted God only for myself, I wanted to know Him only for me, I was building capacity only for me.) I WAS SELFISH.

Being a blessing goes beyond giving material things. God expects us to bless people with the spiritual gift He gave us – it could be a word of prayer, ANYTHING.

It is not only about you, it is also about others.

God has blessed you and He loves you, extend this love by blessing someone today.

Remember love shares, love is not self-seeking and above all GOD IS LOVE.

Thank you for reading.Share your thoughts by dropping a comment.

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  1. Damilola Esther says:

    Nice one ma
    Love is letting others seeand know God through you…. Great

    1. Yes sis

  2. damieposh says:

    This girl…I’m proud of you…your blog is explicit and explanatory..

    1. Tank u dear.
      Tanks for reading too🤗

  3. MOO says:

    I’ve been like this too…so I can relate😅😅

    1. Lol😂

  4. Toluwalope Ilerioluwa says:

    Beautiful one sis, People have to see God in us and know Him through us!

    1. Very true sis!

  5. Phunbell says:

    This is apt!
    You dished it out so well

    1. Thank you sis!!

  6. What a beautiful piece. More revelational knowledge of Christ be formed in you Opeoluwa.

    1. Amen, Thank you ma.

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