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How are you doing? You’re welcome back to my mini space. Happy Sunday!

It took me so long to write this. But ehhh I’m finally writing it.

I got a nudging in my heart(from the Holy Spirit) sometimes ago, to do something. The nudging continued and it was so strong but I didn’t do it.

Really, I didn’t give in to the instruction because it didn’t make sense to me. Why would this type of instruction come? It was really strange and I felt it wasn’t necessary.

I kept postponing and postponing. Till the reason that instruction came was revealed.

I later understood why I got that nudging and the instruction made more sense.

I was like – Oh Okk, this was why I was given this instruction. But you know what the rest na story. I couldn’t do it again. After all this, I felt so bad – like I disobeyed!

You know, sometimes God gives us instruction but really some of these instructions doesn’t make sense to us. We might even find ourselves thinking, why is this instruction necessary?

The scenario in my head right now is a ‘MOVIE PRODUCTION SET’. Please, pardon me I’m not good with the terminologies.

Just try to play this scenario in your mind as you read this…

A movie director or the scriptwriter is seen giving an actor or actress instructions. This is because the scriptwriter wrote this movie and he knows the beginning to the end of this movie. He knows how the movie is supposed to turn out.

An actor only knows the role that his to play in this movie, which might just be 10mins. Compared to the one who wrote the script (like he knows the whole 2 hours of the movie).

So after each scene or role, he gives the actor an instruction. Dialogue

Director – Look to the left, or please walk away.

The instruction the director gave might not make sense to the actor or actress. And the actress says – is it necessary to look left?

It is when the movie is out, the actor now realizes the need for looking left or walking away. He realizes that if he didn’t obey that simple instruction the transition of scenes between the movie will not make sense.

The instruction gave an opportunity for transitioning to the next scene of the movie. And really transition between scenes makes sense (😆).

In short, with all my scenarios. God is the scriptwriter and he knows the beginning to the end.

So when he gives us instructions it doesn’t have to make sense. All we have to do is just obey. Obedience comes first because He His Father, we should trust his words.

Something big I learned is that – When God gives us instructions Doing comes before questioning. Even if this instruction doesn’t make sense Just Know in your heart that GOD IS UP TO SOMETHING!

Even if the instruction you get from God doesn’t make sense to You. Just know in your heart that God is up to something.

Thank you for reading to this point and I hope you learned something.


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  1. MOO Lifestyle Blog says:

    Since the word of God sayss God’s plans are of good and not of evil, bigger, better than we can thing of, His word cannot go back to him void. We should just be confident in Him. But we can never understand when he is giving His instructions. I pray God helps us.
    Thank you for this❤.

  2. Phunbell says:


    1. Yes Phunbell!

  3. Princess Oluwakemi says:


    1. Thank you princess!

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