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Have you been in a situation where people assume that every time you throw the dart at the board you hit the target?

On a cold Tuesday night, I was scrolling through my phone viewing people’s WhatsApp status. Then I stumbled on Folu’s (a friend) status. The status goes thus…

There are times people look at us and assume that we have our life all figured out. They think our life is perfect, and we have no struggle.

When I mean perfect life, it could be any area of your life. Maybe academics, your business, finances, spiritual life, or anything. I know you have various examples popping up in your mind right now.

Especially if it is a part of your life you are an expert at. Maybe you are academically sound, people just assume that you can’t have an issue passing a course. They assume that you can’t struggle to read. This is the example coming to my mind ( but there are tons of examples).

These assumptions people make about us often time lead to teasing or whining. They pull our legs with this assumption.

They go – ” I trust you na, I’m sure everything is okay with you. I’m sure you killed that presentation”

Or they go – “You that you have money, money is not a problem for you”

Little do they know that you are struggling with this part of your life they are joking about. They don’t know that this assumed perfect area of your life is suffering.

Can you relate to the pain of having a business, and people just assume that everything is perfect? Little do they know that you are struggling to keep getting customers.

Or the pain of someone saying “You that you are an Efiwe, I’m sure you killed the test”. Little do they know that you failed or you are even struggling to assimilate that course!

Sometimes it feels like the person knows you are struggling, and he intentionally rubs salt on that wound. Can you just imagine that pain (picture it in your mind)? You would feel like slapping the person šŸ˜‚.

After all Folu said, she asked – “What are you going to do in that situation”


I thought about my answer over and over again. Then I said that I would give a fake smile and walk away.

Then after some minutes, I got my answer in the strangest place. I knew the answers were not my words! I would explain how the answer came.

It came to me like this – What if you decide to look at it through another lens. What if it is God’s way of reminding you who you are”

What if God is trying to remind you how capable you are? Because I’m struggling to assimilate doesn’t mean I’m not capable. God is reminding me of my capacity and commanding me to expand it!

After I got my answer, I messaged Folu immediately and I said – When someone teases me about a part of my life that I’m struggling with, I would turn the tease to a prayer immediately!

The tease abi the whining becomes my Declaration for the week!

I choose to declare those words the person said to me and pray about it!

Your challenge is not an indictment against your capacity.

It is an invitation to expand and fortify it.Priscilla Shirer.

The truth be told, nobody teases/whines with negative words. Especially if is about an area of you life.

So next time someone says to me – “Opeoluwa I know you killed that examination or presentation” or “I know you have money” or anything.


Next time someone teases or jokes about a part of your life you know you are struggling with. Say thank you, Wakka pass and start affirming those words

So to people that tease us when we struggle, thank you! Thank you for allowing God to use you for us.

Thank you for reading to this point. Please share your thoughts with me in the comment section! šŸ’“šŸ’“

Stay joyful!

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  1. Saheed says:

    May God help us all

    1. Amen ooo

  2. Opeyemi Oladepo says:

    Great piece….. Absolutely on point!!!šŸ’„šŸ’„šŸ’„ The teasers are definitely calling out our seeds of greatness and also trying to call our attention to our true identity.

    1. Yes!!! šŸ’Æ

  3. Trizzy says:

    Beautiful piece.
    It’s good to Affirm good things for oneself even if it doesn’t look like it but while knowing you re not dere yet tho not too far away
    We need to minimize the way we whine anyway
    I mean we can be positive and yet be truthful

    1. šŸ’Æ Calling things that are not as if they were!

    2. Phunbell says:

      Positive yet be truthful! That is a key word.

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