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Thank you for dedicating your time to read my blog post. I’m delighted you are here.

I want to briefly remind you Who you are – the need for you to Believe who you are – and Act/Walk-in your identity.

Your identity is something you have to continually remind yourself because sometimes life throws circumstances, situations, and rejection at you – And your place in this world is questioned.

The war against our identity is just like the tug-of-war game. Can you remember how we played that game? Picture the game in your mind.

Life brings it circumstances, situations, ideologies, rejection, hate, at one end of the rope and with you on the other end.

It pulls you to itself and you also try to pull the rope to yourself- the struggle of not getting dragged down by the situation around you or defeated by the voice in your head.

We all have struggles or pressure that contend for Our God-given identity and sometimes alter the way we see ourselves. It could be a rejection, someone telling you that you can’t be accepted or loved, or the way you feel about yourself.

You are at one end of the rope and the struggle at the other end.

I always thought that knowing who you are and knowing your identity was only meant for teenagers. Then I realized that the identity I thought I knew, I was not believing and walking in it.

I knew what the Scripture says about me, I knew what God called me. Deep down I was struggling to Accept it, Believe it and Act/Walk in it.

Knowing who you are or knowing your identity is meant for all ages, all genders, and everybody. The enemy does not go for a particular set of people, He strolls around looking for those who are ignorant of their God-given identity.

There was a time I found out what my temperamental trait was, I hated my temperament because it came with weaknesses I never liked.

Who would want to associate with me with this trait I had. ” – The voice kept ringing in my head.

Then I went on a journey of changing my temperament, I wanted to be another temperament because I never liked the characteristics attached to mine.

I came from the journey frustrated, I was trying to be who I was not.

Trying to identify or gain an identity with something I was not. So that people could accept and validate me.

I wanted people to approve of me, accept me, and validate me.

Not believing in who God called me – Made me forget God created me Beautifully. Wonderfully. Marvelously in his image.

Things I really loved doing for people- like giving, helping e.t.c. That I would normally do out of joy, I just wanted to do it of my free will and I was not expecting anything in return.

I can remember how I started doing those things for some people just to impress them and get approved by these people.

Knowing my identity in this scenario is knowing that this is a service I’m doing freely and I’m not expecting the person’s approval or trying to get accepted.

I asked myself what if something happens and these people change how they see me, I would be deeply hurt – Because I already placed my identity in their words.

I shifted my focus from the fact that I have been Accepted. Approved. Marked. By a BIG GUY that lives in me and His perspective about me never changes. Nothing can change how he thinks of me.

Check somethings you do or services you offer to some set of people( things you would normally do because you like it). Are you doing it out of a place of insecurity or are you doing it out of a place of impressing them and get their approval?

This is a quick reminder -You are Approved. Accepted. Loved. Marked

Be careful not to allow your struggles, fear of rejections, the false voices in your head hold you back from living your God-given life or identity.

In case you feel rejected, and feel you are not good enough or you feel intimidated by someone, because of what the person has told you and you think people can’t accept you.

You are who God says you are.

Here is a quick reminder

The way you feel about yourself is not who you are. Do not let how you feel about yourself rob you of living your God-given identity.

Know who God Calls you. Start believing in it. Start Acting it.

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  1. Hassan-Oluyori Babajide says:

    Wow this is amazing
    I know who I am, the word of God is what determines that, not my present situation or circumstances or what people around me say about me. I know who I am. Accepted, approved, loved.

  2. Toluwalope Ilerioluwa says:


    1. Thank you ❤

  3. Nice one
    Knowing my purpose in life…and my true identity

    1. Yes, girl!!!

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