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Yes, there is more! That’s my answer to the question above.

Hi lovies!!! Thank you for taking out time to read my blog post. I hope you are staying safe, this phase will soon pass by God’s grace.

Growing up(I’m still, there was a particular restaurant I often visited. Whenever I go to this restaurant I always had my money prepared because I knew the particular type of food I wanted to buy. That’s the food I buy anytime I went to the restaurant.

I always order my signature Jollof and Fried Rice with Chicken. Anytime I got to the restaurant, the waitress would always suggest a new food for me to try out.

She goes “Ohhh this is a new recipe and I think you should try it out” and I ask her “What is the particular dish made of”. As a Nigerian girl that I’m, I always said NO!. I loved my J-rice, it was best as far as I knew.

I finally got to visit this same restaurant with a friend, and when we were about to order our food. The waitress went again – ” I think you should try this dish “. I was already used to her so I didn’t give her my attention. Then my friend told her Ohhhh no problem, I will try it out.

How could this girl risk her money and taste bud? lol – I said to myself.

My friend took her first few bites and from her facial expressions, I could tell the pleasure she derived from eating the food. She said to me “Opeoluwa, I think you need to try it, this is really nice”.

I tasted the food and guess what! I was disappointed at my J-rice(lol), the food tasted really good.

I asked myself how could there be an element of surprise in this food, the experience was really worth it. I’m glad I tried it out.

Replaying the whole scene in my head now, there were few life lessons to draw from this experience and I’d love to share them with you!

As humans, we sometimes think what we have now or are enjoying now is the peak of it. We all think like this at one point or the other in our life.

To experience new things come in different forms. It could be traveling, changing the way you view things, opened to new ideas, trying new foods – It could be anything! Try to do something differently, Today!

There are many things to explore and experience. To experience something new or change your flavor to something different, depends on your willingness to explore and take the risk.

We have not exhausted all the options available. More options are still left, waiting to be unfolded.

Sometimes trying something new can be disappointing( I know this) but imagine someone enjoying the delightful surprise of something you have never tried out or experience.

The delightful expression of the person compels you to try it out. We go – “Ohhh, I want to taste of this goodness too”.

I’m of the Christian faith and there is more in God. As Christians, there are many more things for us to experience in God. In case you have a good relationship with God, here is the news! There is More! for you to experience.

There are still delightful surprises available for us in God, this is for anyone who is willing to try it, willing to take a step and go beyond where they are now. In short – There is more in God! You have not exhausted all the options in him and you can’t exhaust Him!

In the case of business and maybe you have a skill. You think your business is fine or this is the promised land(lol) or you think everything is perfect or cool. There is more for you to experience and try out! Take a big step or risk and I’m sure you would be glad you tried it out.

There is more!


Quick break – Make sure what you are trying out is in line with your Believe or faith!

Experiencing new things brings Growth, you grow to pass things you know before. You are able to determine the best option and improve on the previous ones.

I’m a thinker (lol) I travel with my thoughts. Most times when I think of an idea and I think I have all exhausted my options.
I tell myself Opeoluwa! There is more!

This post is to encourage you and ignite you – There is more!!!

That option that seems best – There is more if you are willing to take the risk. You would be glad by the surprise you are able to unfold.

Maybe you are facing any situation right now and it seems this is the best option or at a season in your life where you think this is the best. Here is the news – There is more! You can achieve more! There are still many surprises!

I’m not saying you should learn a new skill. All I’m saying is that try something new, do something differently, try new food, go to new places, incorporate a new idea. Explore more!

Don’t say – I would need money to try something new. No! Money doesn’t have to be involved! Just try something new!

Be inspired! Be willing! Be Open-minded. You haven’t exhausted all the options, You can experience More!

“Just try new things. Don’t be afraid. Step out of your comfort zones and soar, all right?” –Michelle Obama

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