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Someone needs to hear it from you.

Hello there,

I’m so excited you are here again. I wish I could express my joy through my writing but just imagine a joyful person writing to you. Thank you for taking out time to check out my blog. YOU WELCOME!!!

In case you have something stressing you out, pick it one at a time and choose to keep your peace.

You need to start sharing that opinion you have…..

We always have something to say or share, it could be an idea, a suggestion, an observation, it could be as little as a WhatsApp status, insta story, or anything. At times we get a prompting to share something but for some reason, we end up not saying it, we prefer to keep quiet.

Most times you choose not to share our opinions because you think there is nothing new about what you have to say. People have probably heard this thing over and over again. I make this assumption a lot – many people have talked about this thing I’m about to say, so it is not necessary for me to say it again.

There was a time I thought about addressing an issue. But for reasons, I chose to keep quiet. I had this thought that – Everyone probably knows about it.

I eventually talked about it and I got messages saying – I never knew of this ooo, I have never heard of it.

Even though what I said was all over the internet and social media, someone still did not know about it.

The problem we have is this – The internet age has created an illusion that everyone has probably heard about what you want to say, but there is still someone in your circle that hasn’t.

The truth is – Somebody doesn’t know this thing you are about to say, someone out there, has never heard about what you want to say.

“Don’t say others have said it before” We want to hear you!

People might have heard it at one point or the other. What they heard never stuck. Someone out there needs to hear it from you. They need to hear your perspective and the humor in your voice.

Stop making assumptions about people already saying what you want to say. Your perspective and your voice are different from what they heard before.

Speak up, you have a different perspective.

You would be surprised that even somebody in your circle has never heard of what you are about to say or share. Some people might have heard it, but they never mastered it.

We often think that the obvious is obvious – The truth is that the obvious isn’t always obvious to somebody!!! Stop making assumptions and help someone.

I’m not saying that everything in our minds is worth communicating but part of it is worth communicating. You can bring value or even help someone.

Staying silent, because you think everyone already knows what you are about to say is very wrong. Someone in your circle doesn’t know.

Next time you have something to say and you think it is worth sharing, even though it is all over the internet and everyone is saying. SAY IT!!!


Express what you need to express and help someone. Don’t wait for people around you to read your mind.

Thank you for reading. Stay joyful!

The obvious isn’t always obvious to everyone.

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