How to cook Spaghetti |A Simple Healthy Spaghetti Recipe

Hi, I’m Oppy. I’d be sharing with you a simple healthy spaghetti recipe I learnt recently. I learned this method of cooking spaghetti for Sisiyemmie.

Spaghetti is the most popular form of pasta. However, it is not one of the healthiest food because it is packed with carbs. Which makes it is not suitable for a low carb diet.

The carb content in spaghetti can be adjusted by adding various types of vegetables of choice.

If you are looking for a way to cut down carb from your meal or looking for ways to enhance your pasta. Then, this healthy spaghetti recipe is for you!

This recipe has a delicious mix of green vegetables, protein, and the nutrients are well balanced out. The other nutrients balance the carb content in the spaghetti.

Craving for pasta while being on a weight loss journey is so exhausting. However, by infusing a lot of veggies you can still satisfy your pasta cravings.

This specific healthy spaghetti recipe gives me so much joy because it is very easy and inexpensive to put together.

I’m quick to jump on this recipe because the whole cooking process takes proximately 30mins.

I love cooking but staying in the kitchen for a long period is what I don’t like, lol. I love fast, healthy, and comfort foods.

This recipe requires only 5 ingredients. Plus the spaghetti sums it up to 6. So yes we have six (6) ingredients in total.

If you haven’t had your spaghetti this way, you are definitely missing out! Yea, you are missing out. I’m saying it again you are missing out!

How to cook healthy spaghetti

Ingredients for Healthy Spaghetti recipe

  • Spaghetti
  • Smoked Mackerel fish (flaked and properly defined.
  • 2 Tomatoes (chopped).
  • 1 Onion
  • Pumpkin leaves( Ugwu).
  • Salt and Maggi


If you are cooking with a single burner, it is important to cook the pepper sauce before cooking the spaghetti.

You do not want the spaghetti to become molded.  Freshly drained spaghetti is easy to work with compared to molded spaghetti.

How to cook the Spaghetti,

. Prepare all the ingredients.

How to cook healthy spaghetti recipe

. Fill your pot with water and place it on the burner. Boil the water and add salt to it. Place the spaghetti in the pot and cook.

How to cook healthy spaghetti

. In a pan, add a spoon of vegetable oil. Fry the chopped onions for some minutes. Transfer the chopped pepper, smoked fish. Add the salt and Maggi to it.

How to cook healthy spaghetti

. Add a tablespoon of water to the pepper sauce and cover the pan. Allow the pepper sauce to simmer for 2minutes.

. When the pepper sauce is ready, add the ugwu and stir. Allow the ugwu to simmer (Do not cover).

How to make spaghetti healthy

. By the time the ugwu sauce is ready, the spaghetti should be ready by then.

. Drain the cooked spaghetti and transfer into the ugwu sauce.

How to cook healthy spaghetti

. Mix the spaghetti with the sauce. Serve!

How to cook healthy spaghetti

I paired my spaghetti with Kelewele ( Ghanian spicy fried plantain). Follow this link for Spicy fried plantain- Kelewel

How to cook healthy spaghetti

Is there any recipe you want me to share? Definitely drop it in the comment section. If I can’t cook it, I will google it? 🤓.

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  1. Opeyemi sodipe says:

    Wow is nice and easy to cook.

    1. Yes, very easy.

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