My Ewa agoyin sauce recipe is the simplest recipe you’d find. Considering how tedious cooking Ewa agoyin can be, my mom came up with these Two ingredients Ewa ayoyin sauce…

Ewa agoyin is a famous Nigerian dish, commonly eaten by the Yorubas. It is beans cooked plainly with a lot of onions. You need a lot of onions to cook your beans. The beans are cooked until it is very tender.

After cooking the beans, it mashed with a wooden spatula. The mashed beans is reffered to as EWA AGOYIN. Ewa agoyin is eaten with a special sauce called Ewa agoyin sauce.

The sauce is the highlight of this dish and it can make or mar the dish. Ewa agoyin sauce contains blended dried pepper and onions fried in a lot of palm oil.


I ate ewa agoyin a lot while I was growing up. And I’m going to give you the full gist of how I fell in love with it.

Flashback (like in the movies)

As a child, I visited my grandma’s house in Lagos every third term holidays. The third term is used at the end of the school year in Nigeria. Every Saturday morning, we always stood in front of the door.

Waiting eagerly for the Elewa Agoyin woman to pass in front of the house (Elewa Agoyin – a woman that hawks/sell ewa agoyin). The women that sold it were Togolese.

At the time, I was always eager for the woman to announce her arrival.

We call the woman that sells it. Then she drops her pot (she places it on her head). Next , she opens the lid of her pot and the aroma of the ewa agoyin sauce fills the whole place.

The palm oil floats on top of the sauce. You can spot the boiled eggs and fried fish inside the pot soaked up with the oil.

Oh, childhood memories how sweet to remember! Trust me, I’m grinning from ear to ear writing this.

My heart is filled with so much joy. I miss my childhood days.

Before I proceed, let me point out a life lesson. CHERISH EVERY SINGLE MOMENTS. YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU GET IT AGAIN.

Becoming an adult, my love for Ewa agoyin remains unshaken. My mummy came up with this ewa agoyin sauce recipe and it is made with just two ingredients. The first day she made it, I asked why she has not tried since all this years.

After she came up with this recipe, this as been how we cook our ewa agoyin sauce. The taste is perfect.


1. Any type of beans can be used.

2. Pick your beans, then rinse it thoroughly. Pour into a pot of boiling water and allow it to cook. It is important to cook the beans until it is very soft.

3. When the water is almost dried, add in your salt. Then allow it to cook more. After cooking the beans, mash it with a wooden spatula. Beans absorb water and get dried quickly when it is cold. There should be a little quantity of water in the beans before mashing.

4. The consistency of the beans should not be too runny or too thick. The beans should be a bit creamy before mashing it. After mashing the Ewa agoyin, it should form a paste (not runny and not too thick).

5. If your beans burn in the cooking process, transfer it into a new or clean pot. Nobody likes burnt beans.

Ingredients for My Ewa Agoyin sauce recipe (2 Ingredients)

For 5 servings.

2 tablespoons of Chilli powder (Ata gungun).

1 bulb of onion.

1/2 cup of water

4 spoons of Palm oil (you need a lot of oil)

Ewa Agoyin sauce ingredients.

Normally, Ewa agoyin sauce is made with dried bell peppers, a lot of onions, palm oil, and dried pepper seeds of flakes. Take note, anything cooking that has to do with beans needs a lot of onions.

Never add tomatoes! This recipe is simple and direct.

Let’s cook!

1. Peel the onion, then blend it with the water(1/2 cup). I used a medium-sized cup. If you do not have a blender, you can grate the onion using a grater and mix it with water.

Ewa agoyin recipe | 2 ingredients Ewa agoyin sauce.

2. Mix the chili powder with the onion blend.

Ewa agoyin sauce recipe.

3. Light your stove, then place a clean pot over it. Add 4spoons of Palm oil. Please be generous with the palm oil, you need enough.

5. Transfer the pepper and onion mix into the pot. Add a cube of Maggi and a little salt. Cover the pot and allow to cook for about 15mins.

Nigeria ewa agoyin sauce recipe.

6. After 15mins, this is the point to join the STIRRER ASSOCIATION. Pick up your spoon and start stirring.

7. Stir for some seconds, remove the spoon for some time and go back to stir again.

8. Do not leave the kitchen, because the sauce is likely to burn at this point, so you need to continue stirring.

9. At this point, the oil should float to the top and should in case it doesn’t. This is the point to add a little more palm oil.

10. Continue to stir. It gets to a point where the sauce turns flaky. And the oil turns black.

Ewa agoyin sauce ingredients.

11. The whole stirring process should take about 10mins.

Ewa agoyin recipe.

This dish is best enjoyed with agege bread. Yum Yum Yum.

Let me know in the comment section if you are trying this out. Please share this recipe, if you love it.


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