POTATO PORRIDGE | Nigerian Style

How to make porridge with the sweet potatoes.

This is a simple sweet potato porridge recipe. It is very yummy and easy to put together. This potato porridge recipe is pocket friendly and suitable for the whole family.

There is a circumstance surrounding this particular recipe and this is because I miss eating yam. I don’t know if yam is out of season or expensive.

All I can say is that it’s been a while I saw yam in my house (lol) – My mum hasn’t bought yam in a long time.

On the days when I miss eating yam, I opt for sweet potato. The good thing about potatoes is, it can be cooked in different forms.

Sweet potato can be cooked plainly, fried, stir-fried or made as cookies (Yes!).

I learnt how to cook this sweet potato porridge recently and since then I have been STUCK!!!!! with this recipe.

Yam has been a bit scarce and expensive. Tiny tubers of yam are sold at a higher price. Potatoes is cheaper and it is equally sweet.

Sweet Potato is a great substitute for yam and if you miss eating yam like me, learn how to make this simple sweet potato porridge in a few steps.

Apparently, yam is not the same as sweet potatoes. Irish potatoes are also different from sweet potatoes. Do mix up the two. Yam is more starchy than sweet potatoes.

Yam is from the Dioscoreaceae family, while sweet potatoes are from the Convolvulaceae family.

Best potato to use.

This is a Nigerian potato porridge recipe. There are various varieties of sweet potato but the best type for this recipe is the cream-colored skin sweet potato.

Potatoes gets bad very easily. Read How to store sweet potatoes

List of ingredients

Chopped Sweet Potatoes

Chopped Onions

Blended Peppers ( Road and tatashe)

Fried Shredded Chicken ( or any protein of choice)

Chicken Stock (Optional)

Cameroon Pepper ( optional, but it adds a nice flavor)

Palm oil

Blended Crayfish

Green vegetable of choice ( Ugu, Basil or scent leaves)

Palm oil

Salt and Maggi

Tips to consider.

. Potato cooks very fast. Avoid overlooking the potato. Keep a close eye on it.

. Add water if the potato turns out to be salty, due to the stock water added.

. Add any protein of choice


Potato porridge, nigerian style.

. Prepare all your ingredients.

. Light the stove and place a pot over it. Pour 2 spoons of palm oil(depending on the quantity of potato). Add the chopped onions and fry until translucent. Pour in the blended pepper, your Salt, Maggi, Crayfish, and a teaspoon of Cameron Pepper. Cover the pot and allow to cook for 3mins.

. Pour the Stock into the pepper sauce. Then add the potatoes. Add extra water depending on the quantity of your potato ( Consider the fact that sweet potatoes cook fast and it can get mushy easily). We don’t want mushy potatoes.

. After the potato is cooked, add your chicken (or protein you are using). Cover the pot with a lid and allow it to simmer for 3mins. Add extra crayfish powder and mash your potato slightly with a wooden spatula.

. Add the chopped vegetables and allow to simmer.

. Put off the stove and serve your potato porridge.

Easy Potato porridge. How to cook porridge with potatoes.

I told you this recipe was direct. Ready under 30mins! Share this recipe with your friends and I hope you are trying it out.

Thank you! OPPY

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