How to bake simple cupcakes

This is a simple cupcake recipe. We all love to have a sweet tooth once in a while and stead of ordering expensive cupcakes, you can easily put this together in your kitchen.

This cupcake recipe is very basic. No need for a hand mixer, it does not require a muffin tin. I made use of Moi Moi tins. Use any tins you have.

Cupcake liner is easy to get and very cheap. You can walk into a cake shop and buy it. This particular cupcake recipe makes 5cupakes.

Here are some mistakes to avoid.

I can say I have this cupcake ministry (lol). These are the errors I’ve committed in the past when baking cupcakes. It’s best for you to avoid them for amazing results.

Avoid overmixing the batter:

Once you over mix the batter, the resulting cake will sink. You might notice your cake sinking in the middle after baking.

Avoid high temperature

Make sure your oven is not too hot. Once the oven is too hot, the cake rises immediately and it won’t be well cooked on the inside. Cake batter placed in an extremely hot temperature will have all the baking process together, causing the baking to be uneven.

Avoid stale baking powder

Make sure your baking powder is very active. The cake would end up flat if not. To test if the baking powder is active, boil some water and add a teaspoon of baking powder to it. There should be a formation of bubbles.

List of ingredients for 5 cupcakes.

Β½ Cup of all-purpose flour

2.5 (two and a half) Teaspoon of sugar

Β½ Teaspoon of Baking powder

1 Egg

A teaspoon of vanilla essence or extract (or any flavor of choice)

ΒΌ cup of milk also equivalent to 4 tablespoons of milk

4 tablespoon of melted butter (avoid salt). If using unsalted butter you can use a pinch of salt.

5 Cupcake liners.

Let’s bake!

Steps to bake simple cupcakes

Measure all your ingredients and melt the butter in a pan. Allow the butter to cool before using it.

Mix your flour, sugar, and baking powder in a bowl (dry ingredients).

In another clean bowl, pour the melted butter. Break the egg into a cup and whisk with a fork for a few seconds.

Pour the egg into the cooled melted butter. Then add a teaspoon of vanilla. Mix together.

Add half of the dry ingredients into the butter and egg mixture, just combine with a spatula(do not over mix). Pour the milk into the mixture and combine. Transfer the rest of the flour into the mixture and fold in until when combined. I repeat Do not over mix! (πŸ˜†).

Preheat your oven on low heat. Line your baking tins with the cupcake liners ( I used Moi Moi tins).

Scoop the batter into the tins. A tablespoon each, then top it with the leftover batter.

Place the cupcake batter into the oven and bake for 40mins on low heat. Insert a clean toothpick inside the cake and if it comes out clean. Your cake is ready!!!

Allow the cake too cool before eating it.

Note: Make sure your 40mins is 40mins before opening the oven(when the cake is baking). I don’t know how to say it again πŸ˜†. Do not open the oven before 40mins.

I didn’t bake with an oven. If you are interested in learning how I baked without an oven. Let me know in the comment section. Check out my other recipes!

Thank you for reading to this point. Stay joyful!

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