There are times that things really don’t go the way we have planned them.
When things don’t go the way I planned, I start to think, stress myself, and worry so much but then I have come to realize that worrying can be so bad, it builds negative energy and changes nothing.
Maybe you are just confused about what step to take next, worried about school, money, or whatever it is. I’m no positivity expert but I’m learning to worry less and choose to stay positive at all costs.
Here are the few things I try to do to stay positive and I hope they help you too;

Putting my trust in God and His Word.

I choose to pick faith over fear.It can be very hard for me but I just tell myself “Opeoluwa, trust God, He brought you this far in life so trust Him.”
I also choose affirmation of God’s Word to myself. .I just pick a verse of the Bible and tell it to myself over and over again. For example, God’s Words says “BE STILL”, who am I not to be or who am I to worry.
I know it can be hard but try doing it.

Focus on thanking God for the small things

Lately I’m learning to focus more on the things I have now than the things I don’t. I look at everything around me… Ohhh you have a good health, you are breathing and just focus on what God has done for me in the past.
I say to myself, if He has done this and that before, He surely can solve this too. By doing this, you tend to think less and start to be grateful for all the thing he has done before. You begin to build positive energy.

Telling it to God in prayer

Saying a little prayer really helps me. I tell it to God as it is. I usually say this “HE HEARS” and really He does. I’m also learning to take everything to Him in prayer because it makes me feel relieved and it will do so for you too.

Write whatever is giving me the negative energy in my journal.

Pouring out your mind through writing it down is good.

I tell myself that it is temporary and that everything is going to be fine.

I surround myself with positive people and choose to stay positive.

Be intentional about staying positive no matter the situation. Sometimes our minds might play some tricks on us BUT DO NOT FORGET TO CHOOSE TO STAY POSITIVE.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. How do you keep positive energy?

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  1. Wonderful piece. It’s really profitable staying positive against all odds.

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