I wanted to see the impact I have made so far and probably make more. Making more impact was the motivation I started my day with. So, I decided to visit lady’s room. I was surprised by her words because it shattered me. She said, ‘who in the world would use or apply you in their room’….You might be wondering who I am. I am the colour ‘GREEN’……

My name is Green

I’m so sorry for using green,this also applies to other colors.Lately I’ve been falling in love with the green colour and here was I watching a youtube video. The lady asked her sister what her best colur was and the sister said “GREEN”.The lady replied “God forbid who in the world loves green”, that dull colour…

I felt bad, due to the fact that I was beginning to fall in love with this colour and most especially,I felt very bad for colour green.I know I sound stupid but really I did felt bad.

If colour green was human it would have felt really bad.It’s inventor named it green.I know a lot of people might not like the green colour because it might look dull or due to other reasons. It is okay not to like the colour.

Green do you know you have values, positive attributes, you have a strength and you are rare.If we look beyond the dullness of this colour which might be a weakness,this colour signifies amazing attributes….It signifies nature, fertility, growth, harmony and so on…

You are rare

Thank God the green is not human because despite the hate…..….GREEN STILL REMAINS GREEN”.It does not go below its standard, it does not change from being green.It’s inventor has named it,though he created it with a weakness,he also created with beautiful strength….The colour green’s strength keeps it relevant.
The only thing that changes this colour is if another colour is put over it.

A dialogue between green and another color;
The new colour: Green why do you look so dull and nobody likes you.
Green: Is that true, so I look dull and nobody loves me(crying)
The new colour: Should I put some of my colour over you.
Green : Yes you can,I would be glad.

How sad,the green colour accepted another identity and changed its identity from what its inventor named it. Be careful not to allow anybody change you or rather not to allow people’s critic’s get to you, because everyone would always have something to say about you.

As human beings which our inventor has created beautifully and wonderfully.He created us with a weaknesses and also with special strength.Don’t beat yourself up because you have a weakness people tease you about…..Do not forget to remind yourself that you have value, strength, amazing attributes and that you are rare.

Be you! and do you! ; Because you have what nobody else has. Embrace yourself and focus on bringing out the strength on your inside…..

What colour are you?

What does your creator call you?

Pls drop your thoughts in the comment section……..

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